Lucid Dreaming

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I have always had questions about lucid dreaming, and when I came upon the section in our Psychology book I was happy to see some information on it. I always wondered if I was one of the few that could tell that they were in a dream, and I like knowing that I am in a dream, specifically scary ones so that you know you are safe and really are not going to die. In the video I looked up on youtube, it explains more about dreaming, and has information about lucid dreaming particularly. It says that our brain is the one organ that we cannot control, and I wonder if that is the way it is supposed to be. They are trying to figure out how we can control what our dreams are about but I strongly disapprove of that. I think that we should leave our dreams up to our imagination, because for a few hours of our life everyday, we do not have control over anything that is happening. It would be neat to be able to pick our dreams, so that we can see places and experience things that are not possible, but I also think that dreaming is a part of life and a gift because dreams seem to always surprise us. The only way I would maybe think that dreams can become useful is if kids would use them so that they did not have so many nightmares. It can be really scary for kids, they might not even be able to sleep alone, so would kids learning to control their dreams make them happier children? What would happen if we were able to control our dreams, and we regretted that decision. Would we be able to stop controlling our dreams if we decided we did not enjoy the skill? Is taking control of our dreams pushing us over the edge on how much we are supposed to know about our bodies, and should we be thinking about our dreams when we are supposed to be sleeping and letting our brain take over while we get rest? What I really wonder is, would being able to control our dreams even make the world smarter, because we would be able to figure out problems we do not normally have answers for all the time, and would we be way smarter considering we would constantly be thinking and solving problems almost double our time here on Earth? I couldn't imagine people being way smarter then they already are.



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Do you think that people can solve problems in dreams now? Do you think that lucid dreaming would make us better at that? Why or why not? Good use of video.

Yeah Lucid dreams can help in self improvement. Check out the link

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