Lucid Dreaming

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A lucid dream is one where the person is aware of the fact that they are dreaming. The person often realizes they are dreaming when an event occurs that is much too unrealistic to occur in reality, basically too good to be true. Lucid dreams occur when the person is still partially sleeping but also somewhat awake, showing us that a mixture of both sleep and wakefulness are possible. Almost everyone experiences this type of dream, and some people dream lucidly often. In these lucid dreams, the person is also thought to be able to choose the path their dream takes, determining the plot and characters involved in the dream. The study of lucid dreams is beneficial in analyzing the different sleep stages as well as how accurately a person can actually manipulate what occurs in their dreams. I experience lucid dreams fairly often, usually when I have had enough sleep to wake up in the morning but continue to toss and turn for a couple of hours. I enjoy being able to control what happens in these dreams and usually wake up feeling happy as a result of my good dream. I would be interested to learn more about which stages of sleep lucid dreams occur in along with the ratio of sleep versus wakefulness needed for a lucid dream to occur. I am also curious as to why we are able to determine what happens in each of these dreams and if certain people are able to manipulate their dreams more efficiently than others based off of something within their genes.
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What information is out there on lucid dreaming? Do we perhaps know some of the answers to your questions? Good use of personal connections and pictures.

There are many information about lucid dreams but some actually provide some proper knowledge.

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