What Are The Causes Of Memory Loss?

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Have you ever seen a movie where the main character loses his/her memory?
On the movie screen, it's usually an car accident or a nasty fall that causes memory loss. For me the thought of losing my memory is very scary. I feel like, as humans, memory is the most important thing that makes us who we are. We grow as individuals because of it. We cry, laugh and get mad all because of a memory. Memory is crucial to not only our every day lives but to our existence. So why not learn about why we lose our memory? What are the causes? I have to tell you it's not just dramatic car accidents and falls that we see on TV that cause memory loss. According to an Article titled "Why People Lose Memory" on LIVESTRONG.com, there are five main causes that result in memory loss. They are dementia, amnesia, stroke, tumors and head injuries. The article elobrated on each cause and why they result in memory loss. Dementia is a set of symptoms that show memory loss in a person. The symptoms can be due Alzeimers or Pakiston's desease. Amnesia, unlike the Hollywoods stereotype, is memory loss due to trauma or damage to the brain. I once have seen a movie called "memoirs of a teenage amnesiac". In my opinion, the movie portrayed the symtomps of amnesia pretty well. After seeing what amnesia can cause in one's life, I learned to be very careful about not injuring my head. Strokes are caused by the blood flow the brain and stroke also can damage the brain. In the article, it says the following: "The lack of oxygen reaching brain cells causes them to die quickly. Depending on where the damage to the brain is, memory loss can occur." Also besides stroke, if cancerous tumor grows in a brain area where memory is stored, it can cause memory loss as well. As for head injuries, depending on where the hit is, if it damages memory stroage parts in the brain, it can result brain damage and therefore loss of memory. As you can see memory loss can occur in multiple ways. It is up to you to prevent your most precious treasures (your memories). Wear your helmet if you are riding your motorcycle or bike, and prevent injuries to your head. You don't want to be the next lead of Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesaic. Also ask from your doctor how you can prevent from having a stroke and growing cancer cells, not just in your brain, but in your body. If you see serious signs of memory loss, consult with your doctor, it might be sign of dementia. Dementia may include may include difficulties in speaking or thinking, or the inability to function in society because of an increase in judgment difficulties."


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Overall good review of the causes of memory loss. Use the link function for your link (be sure to have text to attach the link to).

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