Reading in the dark can give you bad eyesight?

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Remember hearing, don't read in the dark or you'll go blind? Well for generations this was actually believed to be true. Mothers would get mad if they ever caught their children reading under the covers with a flashlight, such things were believed to be damaging to your eyes. Researchers questioned does reading in dim light ruin your eyes? One principle researchers used is does correlation equal causation? A few kids that have bad eyesight have admitted they have read in the dark a few times, but there are even more kids who always read in the dark and no signs of eye problems. Doctors shared that reading in the dark, for long periods of times, can make you eye muscles work harder then they usually do. When eye muscles are working hard it can cause a person to have headaches and itchy dry eyes. These problems are common and go away on their own. They proved that reading in the dark will have no bad effect on you eyesight and that it is an old myth. They also proved there is no correlation between children who have bad eye sight and children who read in the dark. So next time someone tells you to stop reading in the dark, you can tell them it's an old myth and there nothing wrong with getting a little reading in low lights.


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Reading in low light is used by many people before sleeping to as a sleeping aid, eye exercises are essential in supplying the eyes with continuous blood supply and to generate more eye tears as they lubricate the eyes, if those exercises are done continuously they improve the vision and can lead to a 20/20 Superior Vision

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