Scary movies effects on health

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"People who can't handle scary movies are just wimps". This is usually the go to response when someone wants to feel high and mighty for being a horror film addict. Now even though this accusation is somewhat true the "wimps" have a lower health risk than the horror addicts; so even though those who watch scary movies are "braver" they are also being riskier as well. Studies have showed that those who watch scary movies see changes in body health such as drop in body temperatures, increased heart rates, and tension in the muscles. Also watching scary movies can affect the amygdala (the area of our brain that controls fear and emotion) and can leave a scar of fear in our minds. In fact, studies have also shown that children under the age of 14 should not watch scary movies to insure the prevention of this scarring.
These are some pretty interesting effects but there are some good things to take from scary movies. The scary movies might actually help you overcome a fear or maybe help you understand some epiphany about yourself or like most situations scary movies for us guys is just a way for our girls to cuddle up next to us and for us to protect them. Even so, scary movies on occasion are fun but for all those horror junkies out there they are putting themselves at risk.2594048_com_twilightzo.jpg

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Are there other health risks besides the amygdala damage?
Do you think that the findings are accurate and from a reliable source? Put your link within the body of the post rather than a tag. How do you think scary movies would help someone overcome a fear? Is it just as likely to heighten a fear?

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