Birth Order

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Birth order has long been thought of as a non-shared environmental factor in determining personality traits in kids. This concept states that through environmental influences in family life, children's personality can be determined by their birth order. The way children are treated based on their birth orders is based on how parents raise their kids based on when they are born. Generally, birth order books say that firstborns tend toward achievement, middle-borns toward diplomacy, and later-borns toward risk taking.
Being from a family that has four children in it, birth order has been a major influence on my family. While reading about birth order, Frank Sulloway's findings and the generalizations surrounding a lot of the theories, I found a lot of similarities between the theories and the affect birth order has had on me and my siblings. It is said that the first born has a lot of pressure on them from the parents. I see that in my family because my brother is considered as the "responsible" one. He manages the house hold when my parents can't or are just too lazy to do so. My two middle sisters also somewhat fit the persona of a middle child. Although they might not think they don't have a place in the family, they are peacemakers and at times can be secretive. And with me, the last born, I relate to the birth order because I am the most social out of all my siblings, and unfortunately the most financially irresponsible.
While reading about this concept and relating it to my family, I wondered if people who have the same birth order relate and connect better than ones with different birth orders. I also wondered about some of the possible psychological disorders that could arise from birth order. For instance, because the first born receives a lot of the pressures and responsibilities from the parents, is he/she more susceptible to depression? And since the middle children feel neglected are they more prone to self-esteem issues? This would be an interesting relationship to sstudy and see if there is any correlation.

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Is there any information on the internet about the questions you pose? Imbed your picture into the post. Where did you get your information (cite/link to sources)?

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