Breastfeeding 'helps to boost IQ'

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Plantation-Hospital-Overcoming-Obstacles-to-Breastfeeding.pngCanada's McGill University has found in a longitudinal study that breastfed babies ended up performing better in IQ tests by the age of six. However one of the six principles of critical thinking; correlation vs causation comes into play as researches do not know if it was the breast feeding that enhanced the babies IQ's or rather the bond that was formed between the mother while breastfeeding. The researchers also stated breastfeeding may increase verbal interaction between mother and child, which could enhance their development. Also this study has been replicated 14,000 times with a positive correlation between breastfeeding and IQ. The evidence has proven that babies who breastfed for the first three months through 12 months scored an average of 5.9 points higher on IQ tests in childhood. Further research that has been conducted, has struggled to discover whether the findings were because mothers from more affluent backgrounds were more likely to breastfeed or as learned in lecture, that more affluent families tend to possess higher IQ's.

I can relate this to my own life. I was breastfed and my younger brother was not. This is because doctors had discovered early signs of breast cancer in my mother around the time of his birth and had to partake in surgical procedures to prevent the spreading hence disallowing my brother from receiving the nourishment provided by breastfeeding. I never realized that that would cause such drastic affects as on his recent aptitude test I scored five points higher then he did. Breastfeeding can increase IQ's and in England, the government suggests that moms breastfeed for the first six months. Mothers will not only increase their child's IQ but also grow a bond with their child that will last a life time.

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Be a little clearer that the affluence could cause both the higher IQ and the breastfeeding (i.e., be the explanatory variable of the correlation). It could also be that your brother is a younger sibling which also decreases IQ. :)

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