Can Diet, Supplements and Lifestyle Incease your IQ?

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From chapter 9 in our books we have learned that a persons IQ remains stable in our early years of life. But recent studies seem to prove otherwise. According to an article that I found online, it claims that it's possible to increase your IQ by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet and mental exercises. The new study that was published this month in the journal Nature claimed that a fifth of children during their adolescent years could gain or lose as many as 20 points in IQ. Also they found out that the children who do increase their IQ experience a strong correlation with an increase in the volume and density of their gray matter in the brain.

As stated before nutrition, exercise of the brain and learning are all effective ways of boosting your IQ. Instead of wasting time away with social networks or reality TV shows try to learn a new language, challenge yourself with an interesting book or puzzle, strengthen your social life and exercise regularly. Along improving your lifestyle, taking supplements can help make up for deficiency of nutrition and enhance brain performance. Studies show that the two best supplements to enhance brainpower are colloidal gold and phosphatidyl serine. More common supplements that also have the same effect are vitamin C, E and magnesium. Eating a balanced diet along with some power foods are vital to retain a healthy brain function and increase IQ. The brain is just like any other organ in your body, it needs to be treated with the right amount of nutrition and care in order for it to perform at it's highest potential, benefiting your performance. Power foods that can help aid enhanced brain performance are salmon and other fatty cold-water fish, nuts, berries, carrots, organic beef and eggs, green tea and citrus fruits.

I found this article interesting because everything that it suggests is simple and can be done through out your day-to-day life. By making enough small changes to your diet, lifestyle and mental exercises you can achieve a gratifying outcome of raising your IQ.

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Does the article give a source for their information about supplements? Do you think that they are a reliable source given that they are selling supplements on their page?

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