Criminal Profiling

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Criminal profiling is mainly used to track down suspects that have been difficult for law enforcement to find. Ever since a psychiatrist helped lead investigators directly to George Metesky by analyzing pictures and notes, police continued to work side by side with psychologists around the country in order to create profiles of criminals. This field of psychology has developed into what is now called forensic psychology. While there tends to be some disagreement between law enforcement and psychologists about how they should go about profiling and tracking down the suspect, it always comes down to the basic idea of finding the criminal and putting them in jail.
Investigative psychology was founded in the 1990s and also focuses on criminal profiling by coming up with characteristics of the criminal based on their behaviors during the crime. Personal characteristics can come from analyzing little things like how the crime scene is laid out and other "organizational" things.
The TV show Criminal Minds focuses a lot on the criminal and their behavior to solve crimes, rather than the crime itself. Criminal Minds shows one perspective on criminal profiling and how it can be used to develop a suspect description. People's behaviors can say a lot about their personal characteristics and small intricacies of their personalities.
By examining behaviors of criminals and the crime scenes they leave behind, psychologists and law enforcement can develop profiles of suspects that tend to be very accurate and help lead directly to arrests of unknown offenders.

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What does research and your textbook say about criminal profiling? Is it scientifically legitimate or pseudoscience?

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