Criminal Profiling

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Criminal profiling is used all over the world as a way to narrow down subject pools in investigations. Criminal profiling has worked, but some argue that could be because of the broad descriptions that are created that encompass more than just one suspect.
When creating a criminal profile, psychiatrists use evidence from the crime scene to put together what type of person the police should be looking for. They use things like how organized the crime was to help determine the personality of the killer. When identifying the suspect, the psychiatrists use very broad descriptions. This way the description can be interpreted to fit any of the suspects they later convict. They use tactics like the Rainbow Ruse which is identifying both a personality trait and its opposite. This means that the description will have to fit because it covers both personality traits. Sometime the FBI is completely wrong about general details, but is correct with specific details. The general details are more important in allowing police to identify a suspect. The specifics come after. The FBI developed a criminal categorization. Killers either fit into organized or unorganized. Profilers used this for many years. It was then disproved because killers don't just fit into one of the categories. Each is unique and can't be classified as just one thing. While criminal profiling does work sometimes, it also has its faults.

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When and why do you think it works some of the time? Is it like any other pseudosciences? Connect more to other ideas and concepts. Include a picture.

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