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One of the concepts in the Lilienfeld textbook that I have a strong connection with is "Displacement". Displacement is basically when you place your anger on a more acceptable target instead of placing it on a person. For example, one of your friend got you so mad, but instead of punching or kicking your friend, you wait till later and start hitting your bed. By doing this, you released out the anger you had with your friend. You have saved your relationship with your friend.
As for me, I used displacement every time I played soccer when I was young. Everyday from after school, my dad would take me and my brothers out to play soccer. We were then split up into two teams with other kids who came to the park. I always stayed on my dad's team, because I feel safer. The other team had to many big kids, so it intimidated me to play soccer. During the game, the big kids would be shoving and pushing me around like nothing. This is what caused me to be angry every time we play soccer. The thing was that I would go out of the field and stayed at the sideline and start pounding the floor like a crazy kid. I did not want to start beating up the other team because it shows no sportsmanship and also I would be the one getting beat up. I am too small to kick their butts so I pound and hit the floor until I get sub in again. Since I have read the Lilenfeld textbook, displacement sure seemed to be the concept that fits this situation well.
I suppose I knew how to use displacement even when I was young, although I did not know that it was called displacement. I was thinking that maybe I could use displacement during school, but this seem to be hard to include it in school. Although, when I took the two previous exams and got really low on it, instead of yelling right in the exam room, I waited till I got out of the building and yelled at my friend who was taking the exam with me. He did not mind at all because he was doing the same to me. I guess that was how both me and my friend used displacement. We yelled in a more appropriate place.

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You are also talking about the concept of catharsis (getting out anger or frustration). What does the text say about this (you might check page 472)? Is it really a good thing?

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