EFT Marriage Therapy

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According to Professor Jeff Simpson, the attachment theory explains that humans need to form and maintain stable relationships. Feelings that keep parents emotionally attached to their children may also keep romantic partners bonded, because whichever attachment pattern one has experienced in their childhood they will expect to experience in relationships later in life.
Generally, if a child is observed to undergo the attachment pattern of "secure" with their parents, they will find relationships later in life easier, and will be comfortable depending on people. In this pattern, parents most likely had very responsive care, which led to their child becoming secure. However, if a child undergoes an "avoidant" relationship, they will be more uncomfortable being close to others and will find it difficult to trust them completely. If parents are relatively rejecting with care, children become avoidant. Between these two stages is that of "anxious/ambivalent" in which one would worry their partner doesn't love them or might not stay with them. When parents are inconsistent with their care, children become anxious-ambivalent.
Jennifer De Francisco of Newport Beach claims that her EFT marriage therapy can help couples get their marriage "back on track." In the World News Report, it is briefly explained people in relationships who are "shut down emotionally" can be changed by this EFT marriage therapy. Although inspiring, one must wonder how this can be possible in consideration of the attachment theory. If a person's comfort level in relationships is developed so early in life, how can one claim to alter which attachment pattern they practice? Simpson would say hierarchical organization explains this. Although relationships with parents explain most of people's relationships later in life, including those with romantic partners and close friends, they are not always parallel. Based on experience, one could easily have a "secure" attachment with their parents, and an "anxious" attachment with romantic partners.
Although EFT marriage therapy seems it should be false, relationships patterns are not always the same. Jennifer De Francisco could be onto an important psychological discovery for dysfunctional couples.

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Good summary and good examination of impacts on later relationships.

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