Empty-nest Syndrome

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Since this is my first year at college, and possibly is for many other people in this class, I thought the empty nest syndrome is a very interesting topic. Our mother's are said to go through a period of depression once their children, or us, move out of the house and start their own life away from their parents. My parents, for example, are still very sad that I am gone, and I can tell this by the way they hug me and talk to me when I go home. I have never seen my parents so happy to see me after being away at school for two weeks. It suggests that mother's are the parent that go through this type of crisis in their lives, but I also believe that dad's go through the situation the same way mother's do. I believe it all depends on who the child is closest to growing up, or whether they are very close to both parents growing up. I am equally close to my parents and I wouldn't want it any other way. I really enjoy going home and seeing my parents now on the weekends. I just think that it is very interesting that they think that mother's are the ones who go through this mid-life crisis. Would they compare this feeling to the feeling that single dad's go through when they are parenting the child? I also believe that in the few years before high-school ends, parents are used to letting their children out of their wings. For instance, my last few years in high-school I was working and going to school activities so much that my parents were used to me being gone when it came time for college. I also would like to argue that if parents have multiple children, that it gets easier and easier every time one of the children leave. I think by the time the last child leaves that the parents are not hit so hard by the mid-life crisis. I would also like to point out that if parent's are very organized and have everything figured out about their child starting a new chapter in their lives, that they have probably mentally prepared themselves for the children or child being gone. I believe this topic is very controversial and there are many aspects that can affect the claim that mother's go through the mid-life crisis called empty-nest syndrome. My biggest evidence for claiming that father's are just as affected by this crisis is that my dad and I were very close, and I can tell by the way he acts that he misses me just as much as my mother does.


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Is missing you the same as empty-nest syndrome? How is it different? Where did you get your information (cite/link)? Some research suggests that marital happiness improves when children move out. :)

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