Food, Sex, and Danger

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Food, Sex, and Danger

Susan Weinschenk talks about the brain in her book, Neuro Web Design: What makes them click? She argues that as humans, we have three brains: the new brain, the mid brain, and the old brain. While the "new brain" is the part that controls consciousness and reasoning, the "mid brain" is the part that process emotions. Lastly, the "old brain" is the part that looks over one's survival. Weinschenk propose that our old brain constantly scans the environment and answers the following three questions:
-Can I eat it?
-Can I have sex with it?
-Can it kill me?

All three of these questions are crucial to our specie's survival. Without food we will die. Without sex we will go extinct. Lastly, if we die, well, we are dead. Since the old brain is always on the lookout for our survival through these three questions, we cannot resist noticing food, sex, or danger.

We see this idea play out not only within ourselves, but also the advertising world as well. The business people have long since notice our attention to the three categories. Here are some examples that fully supports Weinschenk's idea:


Book: Neuro Web Design: What makes them click?
By Susan M. Weinschenk

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I'm not sure I understand your examples. Are those really advertisements (maybe the food)? How is advertising taking advantage of them?

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