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The phenomenon of graphology is defined in the textbook as the psychological interpretation of handwriting. What this means is that some psychologists say they can understand a person's personality and traits by just looking at their handwriting. For example take the signature of Wolfgang A. Mozart.
According to Graphology Research Cent-re, This man carries the scales of balance with him. Every thought, every idea, every emotion is balanced to perfection. He easily overcomes every dilemma, and beats any unfavorable situation. He seldom speaks his mind, keeping most of his ideas and opinions to himself. His decisions are set in concrete and so is his confidence. In a crowd, he clearly stands apart. His life and his career are eventful and exciting. However, people shouldn't be so fast to accept this. Lewis Goldberg and many other researchers conducted many studies that contradict graphologists proving there is little to no validities in graphology. The reason why the technique used by graphologists seems right was most likely due to the representative heuristic: Because certain handwriting features bear a superficial resemblance to certain traits, graphologists assume they go together. However the field of psychology now knows that graphology, although interesting, is not valid.


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What else do the graphology people do to make the predictions relevant? Remember the Barnum effect?

If you are interested to learn handwriting analysis I will be glad to give you further information.

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