Hope In a Jar?

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Over the years, there has been much dispute over the question of whether skin cream is a reliable solution to ones anti-aging desires. These creams claim to be "age defying" and some even say that by using their product, you would appear "ten years younger." But are these claims really reliable? Is this the investment one wants to make when deciding on a skin care product? When I watch commercials or read magazine ads of these "age defying" creams, it brings me back to the psychology principle of Extraordinary Claims. It was my desire to find the truth about these creams, and to determine if they were real, or in fact just extraordinary Claims. After doing some research, I discovered that most skin care creams contain collagen. When there are high levels of collagen in ones skin, it gives it a firm, youthful appearance. Some think that applying a cream like this over their entire face will help give them that look. What they don't realize is that this is potentially dangerous. Other skin creams work as to mimic the effects of Botox; they are designed to block the action of protein. An skin expert said, "Botox is a compound that clearly inhibits neurotransmitters, but you have to be very precise where you put it; isn't it a little frightening to think that you could get the same effect by smearing a cream all over your face? It really makes you wonder." The truth is, skin creams are made to work as an alternate to a medical procedure. The creams you choose to apply could eventually be more harmful than helpful. But when it comes down to extraordinary claims, making someone look "ten years younger" is a fact that could never be proven. It is a matter of opinion, which in turn makes it an Extraordinary Claim.

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Where did you get your information. Include the links in your post. Why is collagen dangerous? What do we call facts that cannot be proven true or false?

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