Human Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

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Do you think that mankind will ever be able to replicate the human mind? This is a question that is far from being answered. Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new field of computer science and still has a long ways to go to replicate the capacities of the human mind. Here is an example of some of the more recent efforts to take advantage of the structure of the brain: "A Computer Chip that Emulates the Human Brain"


It is currently an issue of debate on whether or not it is even possible to "recreate" the human mind. It is argued that since the brain is just a biological machine, it would be feasible to copy the brain directly into hardware and software and that such a simulation will be essentially be identical to the original. On the other hand, we don't even know if the brain follows predictable operations since there are an infinite number of paths for a signal to travel.

Even if it were possible to recreate the human mind, would it be capable of emotion and abstract thinking? Human intelligence is partly defined by our ability to think abstractly. It sets us apart from every animal. Most AI researchers sum up their position with this phrase: "Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it." However, this would not be the same as the human mind. The machine would not really be thinking, but acting like it is thinking since it is just simulating how specific features of intelligence are described to it.

This article explores further the philosophy of artificial intelligence and addresses the question of whether or not a machine can display general intelligence: "Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence"

Overall, intelligence must first be defined for us to determine if it can be replicated. Psychologists and scientists are continually exploring how the brain works and what constitutes are thought processes to answer this question. It is very well possible that we will never fully understand the mind.

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