Ingrained In My Brain: The Principles of Critical Thinking

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Out of all of the concepts and ideas that we have learned in Psychology 1001, the one concept that will stick out most in my mind is critical thinking and its principles. It would be hard not to remember these. The authors of our textbook use them in their analyses on almost every page after it is introduced in Chapter 1. Already in my everyday life when I'm confronted with something that sounds fishy, I ask myself if there is extraordinary evidence to back up a claim that extraordinary! One of my friends from the dorm is also taking Psychology this semester and as we're sitting with each other in our rooms, we find ourselves telling each other that correlation doesn't equal causation. We also remind each other of Occam's razor and try to figure out if there is a simpler explanation. Throughout the semester, these principles have been emphasized in our book, in lecture, and in section to the point where it has been ingrained in my brain. I definitely know that I will remember these principles in the next five years, and maybe even for the rest of my life.

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This is probably one of the most important concepts you could learn! I LOVE the picture! I think I'll have to steal it and use it in my lectures. :)

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