IQ: Should it be used to discriminate job applicants?

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Many businesses have had debates on whether or not to include an IQ test in their hiring process. Some businesses have even considered making certain scores a strict requirement in order to even apply for a job. There are many pros and cons to this controversial idea. For starters, there are many things positively correlated with high IQ scores. High IQ scores have predicted job performance across a wide variety of occupations, with an average correlation of about .5. Also, high IQ scores have been shown to be positively correlated with health in people. Healthy people take less sick days and are more productive while at work. Another reason businesses and job employers may consider incorporating IQ scores into their hiring decision is that IQ scores remain relatively stable over time. Job applicants who possess high IQ scores shouldn't experience decay in intelligence over their years working. On the other side of things, there are reasons why employers shouldn't take into consideration their applicants IQ scores. IQ tests have displayed biases against certain cultures, most likely due to vocabulary. A biased test is not a good indicator of what it's designed to measure, some great applicants could be excluded due to this. Also, the correlation between job interviews and IQ scores is only .15. This is a very weak correlation and if the job in question requires confidence and strong people skill, some great candidates might be excluded due to IQ scores. Overall, I don't think that IQ scores should be used in the hiring process or at least definitely not the sole indicator of whether or not the person should be hired or not. There are too many things that IQ does not measure like people and creative skills and the biases it may contain are too risky. I think interviews and thorough applications are the best way to go.

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I think you mean that the correlation between job interviews and performance is .15. Does this indicate that interviews are the way to go? What is a better way to predict job performance? Cite where you got your information and include a link to it if available.

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