IQ Testing an Inaccurate Way to Determine Job Placement

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In today's society the IQ Test is used to determine our knowledge based on general information (g) as well as specified (s) in which I am referring to such topics as math, reading comprehension, etc. However, if one were to do poorly on this test and was applying for a job that as a secretary but that particular person scored low on the IQ test should he or she be denied that job? I say no. The reason being is that jobs such as a secretart, or and assistant have little if to nothing in their job requirements. When being a secretary you must have good social skills as well as other key factors that the IQ test can not test for. Therefore, the IQ test may in turn be against those who wish to apply for these types of jobs. Granted though the IQ test can be used in jobs with a more substantial intellectual responsibilty such as a doctor or lawyer, however, since these jobs don't make up the majority of the job market the IQ test should not be used to determine job placement unless absolutely required. rde0362l.png

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Would you rather have a secretary that needed to be coached in every decision or one who could independently solve problems and manage crises? Couldn't this be measured by an IQ test? Do you think that there is some minimum level of intelligence required?

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