IQ Testing-Why or Why not?

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The IQ test was designed to help determine the level of a person's intelligence by using Stern's Formula. To figure out the IQ of someone they would divide mental age by chronological age and multiply the resulting number by 100. After using this method for awhile, they came to find out that this formula only worked well with children. It's estimated that by the age 16 we start averaging the same score on the IQ test, which results in low IQ scores the older we get. Because of this, they've come up with using the statistic deviation IQ. This is what helps us calculate a more precise score, by instead of basing you're IQ on your mental age in comparison to you're real age, they just use the statistics that are the norms for you're age group. When we did the debate in our discussion groups, I was on the side where we were supposed to give supporting details as to why we shouldn't use IQ scores while hiring someone. Because the IQ tests over a huge range of material, I believe it can be a deceiving test. Just like the ACT, if I were to be judged only by my ACT to get into the U, I probably wouldn't be here. There are so many areas that can qualify you for a job that no IQ test can show. Therefore, I would have to say that the IQ isn't at all a useful tool and that i'm glad that I don't ever have to deal with it.

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What about IQ tests predictive ability? Doesn't the ability to predict performance and outcomes make it useful? Tell us what your link is and why we should look at it. Include a picture.

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