IQ Tests and the Workplace

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IQ tests have been debated being used to find new employees of various occupations for a number of years. Some argue that IQ is a perfect test when trying to find the best employee because it will result in the hiring of the best possible applicant. They will be the smartest employee possible and the most beneficial to the company. This doesn't seem to be the case. There are a number of other attributes that people may or may not have that a single test of knowledge could possibly overlook. These attributes may include wisdom and the ability to perform under pressure.


Wisdom in many cases may be a more crucial attribute than overall knowledge. Wisdom allows the individual to make the best decisions for the company where as a less-wise but more knowledgeable employee may not have the experience to make the best decision. IQ tests also do not cover the ability to perform under pressure. This attribute may be one of the most important qualities that an employee must have depending upon the type of job. This ability will allow the employee to make the crucial decisions for the company when there are needed the most. In some cases, the decision could be the result of the company's existence. With this being said, IQ tests are not a good way to test an applicant's ability to do their job. They are simply too broad to be used for a distinct job and they overlook many important attributes.

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What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge? How can you assess wisdom or ability under pressure? Where did you get your information (cite/link to source)? Be sure to use the writing category!

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