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IQ testing is a question that many researchers and people have pondered over the years. Should it be used to determine if certain individuals are capable of obtaining certain jobs and occupations? According to our Lilienfeld Psychology textbook, intelligence quotient (IQ) is a systematic means of quantifying differences among people in their intelligence. There are pros and cons to using IQ testing as a way to determine which individuals receive which jobs; overall I do believe that IQ testing should come into play when deciding who should get the job position more than one person is competing for. The Lilienfeld Psychology book also states that people who receive a low score on their IQ test might lack some of the cognitive abilities that allow them to obtain and keep well-paying jobs. It is important to understand and know how to do your job well, and I think lacking the cognitive abilities you may need would definitely affect your job performance. There is an organization called Mensa that individuals qualify for if he or she scores in the top two percent of the IQ range. A majority of the population that did fall in the top two percent of this range obtained occupations as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and college professors. The studies that have been done regarding IQ testing have shown a positive correlation between high IQ scores and life achievements. The Lilienfeld psychology textbook states that individuals in the top .001 percent attended graduate school at 50 times higher of a rate then people who did not do as well on the test. Also, people with higher IQ's have shown to put more time and effort in whatever they do. It is very important to have the mindset when starting a job that you need to always try your hardest and put effort in until the job is complete. I believe people have received high scores on their IQ tests because they have put in a lot of effort throughout their lives to gain the intelligence needed to earn a high score. According to Wikipedia on intelligence quotients, the military has a minimum IQ of 85 for enlistment standards. They have experimented in lowering the IQ to 80 multiple different times, but when they have done this the individuals could not master soldiering well enough to obtain a position. I believe a similar situation to this one would occur if hiring managers did not use the IQ's of potential employees. The argument in my Lilienfeld psychology book as to why IQ testing should not be used to help decide who to hire for certain jobs, is because people coming from other countries struggle with this test due to language barriers. This argument does not make sense, because if they have trouble on the test, then those struggles will more than likely come up when working in a certain position as well. I believe IQ testing should be used to determine the individuals who obtain certain jobs because higher IQ's lead to higher levels of success.IQ.gif

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Should it apply to all jobs or just certain jobs? Which kinds? Does a secretary or a janitor need a high IQ? Should the highest IQ always get the job? Tell us what your link is an why we should go there.

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