Is it really true that doctors let organ donors die to get patients organs?

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Is it really possible that a doctor would let an organ donor die so they can harvest his organs? According to extraordinary claims it isn't likely. This myth originated by e-mail. In these e-mails the senders say things like "I heard..." and "my wife told me that..." which is hardly concrete evidence. One major problem is the lack of non-anecdotal evidence. As we have learned, anecdotal evidence should not be taken very seriously or taken over concrete evidence. Another problem with this myth is that if the doctors do not provide their best medical care to the patients the family of the patient can sue. In addition to being sued, these doctors could be charged with homicide according to the law. The third problem with this myth is that, according to the United Network of Organ Sharing, organ donation can only be considered once the patient has been declared brain dead. While the myth implies that this has been a recurring problem there is only one documented case and that is the case of Ruben Navarro. What the myth also fails to mention is that the doctor who let Navarro die had criminal charges brought up against him that would have resulted in him going to jail for a maximum of four years. According to extraordinary claims there needs to be extraordinary evidence to support extraordinary claims. In the case of doctors letting patients die in order to harvest their organs there is a substantial lack of extraordinary evidence. Therefore, this myth is most likely untrue.

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Where did you get your information (cite/link to sources)?

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