Life-long affects of attachment

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John Bowlby, M.D., a British psychologist who is considered the father of the attachment theory claims that the process of attachment which occurs very early in our life, will affect us our whole life. As stated in this video troubles or failure to find an attachment to some sort of parent, more often than not the mother, will result in troubles or difficulty finding attachment or ability to connect with someone in a more meaningful relationship later in life. This would be like friendships or romantic relationships. As in chapter 10 of our text book, we know that parental attachment usually occurs in a "sensitive period" which is during the time through which an infant will learn to trust others as they explore and examine the world around them. By learning to trust a parent, they will learn to trust anyone in general once they develop more mentally and feel the same kind of emotional connection they have with a parent with someone else, like a friend or partner.
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What are the different attachments? How are they produced by a parent? What connections can you make beyond what you learned in class?

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