Men vs. Women

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who.jpgBoys rule and girls drool! The battle of genders has been around since grade school. Due to commonly accepted stereotypes there is a belief amongst the population that there are specific situations in which certain genders excel; gender roles. However, one study claims to prove that men are in fact smarter than women. The researcher of this claim may go too far by inferring that in actuality there is no discrimination in the workplace; the glass ceiling effect is a hoax; the reason men play higher roles in society is based on the claim that a man's intelligence is simply superior to that of a woman.
These controversial views are based on the aptitude tests taken by 100,000 male and female students between the ages of 17 and 18. The results showed that the average IQ of a male was about 3.63 points higher than that of a woman's. Since there are many variables, morals/values, upbringing, priorities, etc., in any study of this kind it is impossible for results to be falsifiable. Out of these many studies, "proof" has been offered in support of both men and women superiority. Therefore, the studies cannot rely on replicability to solidify their claim. Studies have also shown that women achieve higher grades in high school and at the college level. intelligent-men.jpg
One factor can be agreed on; men and women differ in their ways of obtaining knowledge. Which means, that the correlation of men having a higher IQ score may not be caused by men having higher intelligence? Furthermore, this claim has not ruled out any rival hypothesis; there is still support for both sides. Occam's Razor would suggest a simpler explanation; men and women have similar intelligence levels and each excel in different situations. In conclusion, no outstanding evidence was presented to support this extraordinary claim therefore it remains only an extraordinary

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What other factors could lead to a higher IQ score? Does a difference of four points seem big enough to account for differences in hiring? I don't understand your arguments about falsifiability and Occam's razor. You do not clearly show how those apply.

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