We Need Great "MOM"s

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Most parents do not merely give a birth to their baby, but they also take care of him. Since babies themselves cannot feed or wash, nor can teach themselves how to do things, it is fairly important that "parents" do so for them. If genetic parents are under the situation where they cannot raise their own child, there should be other(s) to take the place of parenting. Those other care-givers could be the child's grandparents, adoptive parents, and so on. Before entering kindergarten or elementary school, primary care-giver plays significant roles in shaping the child's personality, sociality, and other abilities.

Since such an affable personality and other abilities are needed to successfully and harmoniously fit one's life into a society, a care-giver should do a great job in attachment parenting. Attachment is the strong emotional connection between one and whom the one feels closest; that is, the connection between mom (or other care-giver) and the baby in my argument. "MOM"s should be able to form a strong emotional connection with their babies by providing comforts ─ such as eye contacting when breastfeeding their babies. Moms should also be able to find the problem and solve it right away when babies are unsatisfied with something; moms should not ignore when babies cry because babies cry for reason.

When these childcares are not so successfully provided, the child might become having difficulties in regulating their emotions, behaviors, and attention. They tend to easily get anxious and distressed. They might also have problems in getting along with their peers. What is worse is that a child might fear her own care-givers when she does not receive enough "love" from them who she feels closest. Who else could you feel comfortable being with and get along with when you have grown up failing in having a good attachment with your closest one(s). Therefore, attachment parenting is not only important for children but also in terms of forming healthier relationships in our society and making a better society.

Here is a video clip of What Happens When Attachment Doesn't Happen.

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