Multiple Intelligences

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Howard Gardner came up with the theory of multiple intelligences. Multiple intelligences are the idea that people vary in their ability levels across different domains of intellectual skill. Gardner hasn't developed tests to measure his intelligences. So how are we sure that multiple intelligences are truly independent?

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The first intelligence is linguistic or the ability to speak and write well. These people tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, or listening to a lecture.
Logical-mathematical is the second intelligence. These types of people would use logic and mathematical skills to solve problems, such as scientific questions.
Spatial is another type of intelligence. People who think and reason about objects in three-dimensional space are most likely to have spatial intelligence. They are good with judgment and are able to visualize things.
The fourth intelligence is musical. People with musical intelligence perform, understand, and enjoy music. They sometimes use songs or rhythm to learn new things.
Bodily-kinesthetic is the fifth kind of intelligence. These people are able to manipulate the body in sports, dance, or other physical activities.
Interpersonal is also considered one of the intelligences. This included people who understand and interact effectively with others.
The sixth intelligence is Intrapersonal. This intelligence refers to people who understand and possess insight into self. They have a deep understanding of their own weaknesses and strengths are.
Naturalistic is the last form of intelligence. Recognizing, identifying, and understanding animals, plants, and other living things is considered naturalistic intelligence.

I would consider myself to have linguistic intelligence. I can learn well by reading, writing, or listening to information. Discussing and recalling what I learned also help me to achieve higher grades in classes. However, sometimes I can use bodily-kinesthetic intelligence as well. When I'm learning confusing information it helps me to physically do it.

To learn more about multiple intelligences go to this Link.

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Give more analysis (and less summary). Why are these good or bad? What support is there? Expand your critique more.

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