One of the things I will take away from this Psychology class.

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After learning about psychology these last few months, I believe that I will use non-verbal emotions and my knowledge about communication a lot in my lifetime. We learned much about how much of our communication is non-verbal. We also learned that you are able to really tell how someone feels through their hand motions and the facial expressions that they have, rather then only listening to what someone says. You can already experience this type of things early in life because if you are at a mall people-watching, you can look across the store and tell what type of emotions someone has by the way they are moving their hands and how loud they are talking. You are also able to tell even though they are different nationalities because across the world, Ekman claimed that there are about 7 facial expressions that are universal. When I am older and into a profession, I will now know when I am talking to someone, that it is just as important to watch the way they talk non-verbally with their expressions and hand or body movements. I took a lot away from this because I always wondered why my mom would always notice non-verbal movements when she would talk to one of her friends. I feel I will be a more socially well-rounded person by having knowledge about the different types of communication, whether it is with your voice or with your hands.


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It is particularly interesting because the facial expressions are mostly unconscious!

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