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Personality can be defined as people's typical ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. In recent efforts, scientists and psychologist have attempted to identify the reason behind a person's particular personality. Why does one behave in a particular manor, and more importantly can a given personality be measured? There are multiple different types of Personality Tests that work to define someone's personality. One category that is well known in the world of personality tests is a projective test. Projective tests are tests that incorporate the use of ambiguous stimuli that the test subject must interpret and make sense of. The most well-known use of the projective test is the Rorschach Inkblot Test. This test was developed by a Swiss psychiatrist named Hermann Rorschach. Rorschach's test consists of ten symmetrical inkblots that the subject is asked to interpret. Among many personality tests one receives a score and or feed back on how they answered the test or interpreted the given stimuli. Rorschach includes four main areas in which he categorizes his scores. The first being Pair response which is typically interpreted as Self-centeredness. A response to this form of thinking might be, "The top middle part looks like a pair of lungs." However, these responses are only paired up with the particular image one is viewing. The image above is not in response to the lung interpretation. However, someone who displays a self-centeredness type of personality would find a form of pair response with the particular inkblot. Other scores that are found in Rorschach's tests include Unusual detail response, Space response and Human movement. Rorschach developed this test by analyzing 300 patients in a mental institute. However, it makes one wonder whether his tests are subject to those with mental illnesses or can also pertain to an average every day person. Many of the inkblot interpretations are centered around a behavior that is not typically ideal. I would be curious to see how people respond to this projective test that are not typically categorized as mentally ill. Rorschach's test however have been noted to be faulty because they lack incremental validity and are not often easily replicated. It would be interesting to see how responses to these tests might vary if the inkblot images varied throughout time. Instead of the ten initial images, what might one experience when viewing a new type of inkblot. Could the responses to the inkblots shift over time, and with that could the interpretations be found as postive ones as opposed to more negative personality types. While many tests have been known to produce results that aren't typically what the test entails, they are still a very popular form personality measurement today.

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Tell us what incremental validity is. How do you think the inkblot tests might have changed over time? Excellent point about only testing mentally ill. Are they popular in therapy today or just at parties? Where did you get your information (cite/link to sources)?

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