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The other day I was going through the well known website for college students called "College Town Life" and came across a funny article dealing with what a facebook profile can say about a person. It made fun of a lot of stereotypes toward people that all of us have, that were hilarious, yet definitely true. Talking about guys taking their shirts off taking a mirror picture, girls making kissy faces, the people with 3,000 friends. Even though their making good fun of it, a lot of this is actually true.
An article in the Washington Post wrote about a recent study at the University of Maryland that shows that a person's score on a personality test is approximately within 10 percentage points just by the words they use that are posted on facebook. This personality test is a standard psychological exam that measures the "big five" personality traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.
They found some odd, but interesting correlations. People who tested as extroverts tended to have many friends, but it's sparse so not many of the people would know each other. People who were neurotic had a more dense group of friends, meaning they probably knew one another and shared the same interests. Neurotic people generally used a lot of words like "nervous", and "worried" on their posts. Another really interesting thing they found was that people with long last names tended to have more neurotic traits. They believe that it's possibly because "a lifetime of having one's long last name misspelled may lead to a person expressing more anxiety and quickness to anger". A funny correlation they found for neurotics was also that they used a lot of words describing ingestion like pizza, dish or eat. They weren't able to find any reasoning for this one except some hypothesis but think it's more of an underlying answer.

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Do you feel the study fits with what you have seen? Connect the first paragraph with the next two a little more. Give a bit more analysis.

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