Polygraph Testing

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mri-lie-detector-1.jpgPolygraph testing was created in 1915 and still remains popular today. Many polygraph examiners in the United States say that these tests are extremely accurate. However, there is proof that theses tests can confuse arousal with guilt. People may react to the thought of being convicted of a crime, even though they are not guilty of the crime. This can cause the polygraph test to convict innocent individuals. It can also lead to people who are guilty of the crime to be declared as innocent. Polygraph examiners also claim that polygraph test is often effective for eliciting confessions, especially when people fail the test. They believe that suspects who failed the test and didn't confess to the crimes must be guilty. However, without evidence against the suspect, they cannot prove them to be guilty. There seems to be a lot of flaws in these tests.

A huge factor in why polygraph tests should not be used, in my opinion, is because there are many countermeasures, methods designed to alter people's responses to control questions. In other words, people can learn how to beat these tests. They can be taught how to do this in a relatively short amount of time, so it is easy for people to learn how to appear as if they are telling the truth, when I reality they could possibly be lying.

When you search "how to beat a lie detector" on the internet there are hundreds of thousands of results. It is proof that there are ways to easily find ways to beat polygraph tests. Although not all of these websites are completely credible, they are still influencing people and showing how these tests are not always accurate.

Here is a link to an anti polygraph website:

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There's a Mythbusters episode on this... they actually found that it was pretty hard to cheat the polygraph... Are there more accurate forms of the polygraph test?

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