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My two youngest, half siblings (we do not share a father) are very outgoing and loud; they'll do anything for attention. Yet, I am extremely shy and prefer to stay in the background. Since I learned about genetic vs. environmental effects on people, I could assume that most of this difference is due to the fact that my younger siblings and I only share half of our DNA. It was hard for me to believe that these polar opposites formed over 50% of our DNA however, then, I learned of the attachment theory.
The attachment theory explained many things about how my personality could have risen. The type of parenting I received and my personality correlated with that of the avoidant attachment theory, but my younger siblings seem to have a very secure attachment. I wondered how this could occur since we had grown up in the very same environment, or so it seemed. Since, my biological father had died when I was 8, I had grown up with a step father in a very different environment than my younger siblings who had their biological father living in our home. We were raised very differently, despite the fact that we lived in the very same house. Then, recently in lecture we were shown powerpoint slides of how much more likely signs of abuse result in a family with a step parent.
I will always remember the attachment theory because of how it has affected my life. It helps me explain and sometimes correct my responses to certain situations. However, most importantly, I know I will always remember this theory because it will remind me of how I can one day affect the lives of my own children. I will now hold my future parenting to a higher standard than my parents did.

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Wow. These are some pretty deep observations. Thank you for sharing them.

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