Rorschach: Reliable or Rubbish?

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A projective personality test is a test that involves the participant responding to indistinct stimuli, such as scenes, words, or images. These tests are intended to uncover thoughts, fears, and desires of the unconscious that are hidden from conscious awareness. Projective tests differ from objective tests in that they are very unstructured and therefore open to interpretation, while objective test are much more rigid, consisting of multiple choice and true or false questions that are scored in a very basic manner.
One of the most common projective personality tests used today, is the Rorschach inkblot test. This test consists of the individual freely responding to ten ambiguous inkblot covered cards. Their response, including dialogue, tone, movements, et cetera, is diligently recorded and later scored. This practice is controversial.
The scientific thinking principle of replicability is one that proves the Rorschach inkblot test is flawed. ( The Rorschach has extremely low "inter-rater reliability". Inter-rater reliability refers to the degree of agreement among raters. So, two tester's scores when evaluating the same individual do not match with great consistency. This makes results poorly verifiable and brings into question the tests' validity. Scoring responses rely on normative scores for various populations, which many have been unable to replicate. This makes this test unreliable and I believe invalid.

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