Sexual Dimorphism

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similar-dimorphism-cock-hen.jpegSexual Dimorphism is a physical difference between males of females of the same species. These differences can range in coloration, size, and morphology and behavior.

Sexual Dimophism is exhibited in many vastly different species and some examples include the most notable Peacock and peahen, the Gorilla, some species of angler fish, and insects such as beetles and butterflies. Even Humans exhibit multiple instances of sexual dimorphism.

Some easily noticeable examples are the regions of the upper chest and areas between the waist and the knees. Internally, Males convert more food into muscle while females convert more into fat, Males lose body heat faster through sweat glands and females retain more heat, Males have a higher oxygen-carrying capacity within their blood and interestingly females seem to have a more adept immune system than the males.

I found this very interesting as it almost seems as though our species has evolved specifically so that the male is better suited to perform the role of leaving the habitat to search for food and necessities and also be better able to heal in case of a potential injury while gathering(with more suited clotting factors and higher peripheral pain tolerance. While Females are more adept to stay within the dwelling and fight off infectious agents while caring for offspring or maintaining a pregnancy.

Much of my information came from This article or Wikipedia to fill in the cracks a
and lead to my own original hypothesis about the human evolution of sexual dimorphism(as far as I know)

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