Smile, it can make you Happy.

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While reading my psychology textbook" From Inquiry to Understanding", I came across the section that talked about Happiness, I agreed with our book when they mentioned that Money, wealth and other similar things weren't the source of happiness. I like, many other people believed that happiness declines with old age or that people on the west coast are a lot happier, but these are all misconceptions. Our book states that there are many other things that are positively correlated with happiness, such as Marriage, educations and happy families, but we most always remember that correlation does not equal causation. As I was doing some reading about happiness, I found an article that talked about some other things that leads people to be happy. It said the happiest of people spend the least time alone; they always try to surround their self with family and friends. I also read that to be happy you should learn to forgive others easily and try to remember happy positive times in your life. The article also talked about how happiness is half genetics and not all environments. It shared a how we all have a set point in happiness just like we do with weight. We don't control everything around us, but we can control if we chose to deal with things in a positive happy way 

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Do you think people can always control how we deal with things? What would this suggest about things like depression?

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