Standardized Tests- Enemy?

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As we read in the book, and also heard in lectures, there has been a great debate on standardized tests. I know when I was in the midst of taking the ACTs that I wasn't too fond of them. I have always been the type of person that sets the highest possible goals for myself. I do everything that I can to reach them. When it came to college, I didn't stop setting high goals. I wanted to get into the best schools, and the only thing that I saw stopping me was the ACT. When it was time to take the test I was so stressed and nervous. I didn't want it to be the reason why I didn't get into where I wanted. I think that my situation is one of the stresses that most high schoolers that are going onto college face.

Me, along with the people that relate to this, probably saw the ACT somewhat like an enemy. I know at the time I would have been quick to agree with the many criticisms there are about these standardized tests. One of the criticisms is that these tests don't predict learning and future outcomes. A hard working, dedicated student could have a better outcome, because they might be willing to put more effort and time compared to someone with a higher intelligence that received a higher score on their test. Some other criticisms are that what's taught in schools might differ from the content on standardized tests. Some students may be at a disadvantage for this reason. Also, receiving low test scores on tests could ruin kids self esteem. It may lead them to think they aren't good enough compared to other students. They may stop trying so hard on their schoolwork. They are said to be socially biased in some ways. Race and ethnic background should be acknowledged when scores are looked at. This leads to the question are standardized tests really good to determine colleges for students?

I previously would have answered no, but I believe after all that we've learned and what I have read that it's fair. I don't think that it should be the main concept looked at. I think grades in high school and involvement should have a higher impact, but standardized test scores show some important things. Since everybody is tested on the same basic skills, and there is only one way to score it, it saves the student from bias. Also, it's valid and reliable, since the tests can be repeated and has the same basic concepts. There is definitely a correlation between how well kids do on the ACT or SAT and how well they do in college. If ACT and SAT scores weren't very effective, I don't think colleges would use them.

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