The cloth monkey

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Honestly, I can remember very little of the dates, names, leaders, and formulas that I learned in high school classes. The details blur as time continues but overall messages do stay with me. How to write a logical paper, how to effectively lead a group project, and how to understand business statistics are still with me. I think that although many facts about Psychology are interesting, the probability I will remember or use them in life are low (unless I end up doing marketing relating to Psychology). The one overall message I will come away with, however, is that child rearing is very important.

I'm only 18 so children are currently a distant thought, but I know someday the time will come when I will become a mom. In our many lectures, multiple statistics and experiments were used as examples to show how important the rearing of children is. Although I may not remember the small facts, the overall idea of a parent who is able to give a lot of time and attention to a child will stick me. The small baby monkey clinging to the cloth monkey just shows how important it is for a child to have a secure base that they are able to always rely on. The good parenting I have been raised with should not be taken for granted, but instead used as an example for the day when I become a mom.

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Keep that textbook around for future reference when you have kids! :)

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