Walking Through a Doorway Wipes Out Memory

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Walking Through a Doorway Wipes out Memory

An experiment done by a Notre Dame psychologist named Gabriel Radvansky shows that there really is a correlation between walking through a doorway and forgetting something that you were thinking about in the room you were in earlier.

This experiment gives an explanation for the times that you walk into a room and forget what it is you went in there for. Radvansky says our thoughts become "compartmentalized." This reminded me of the Method of Loci in which you can remember things really well if you associate the memory with an object or place. This sort of relates the compartmentalization that Radvansky describes. When you think of something, then leave the room, you are leaving the place that is associated of what you just thought of, and therefore, could forget it.

The experiment was done in two ways. Firstly, it was done virtually, and then again, physically. In the article it says the results or the "finding was replicated" in both cases. This dismisses the scientific problem of replicability.



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What are the implications of this? How can it apply to real life? Be sure to tell us what the link is (i.e., the article).

the link is right below the picture. I think a real life application would be when you are studying for a test, you should try to study in the same room that you are taking the test. This will allow for you to retain as much information as possible.

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