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Have you ever watched a t.v. show that showed the psychologist talking to the patient on the reclined couch? Inkblot test shows the personality and emotional function, it allows the psychologist to assess the patient. The test is used to find out the underlying thoughts and it allows it to describe the thoughts through the picture.The test is also used because there is no biases towards the test. It is also very hard to replicate the tests norm and the tests are normal. During the test the instructor shows the patient series of inkblot pictures, and the patient says what he or she think the inkblot looks like, the psychiatrist then uses the responses to analyze what the person is thinking. The test is very hard to redo so the test is very hard to validate, because of the test being hard to validate the mental measure of the patient is very difficult to do. There is also no way to tell the best answers or if there is even a correct answer.

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Be a little clearer. What do you mean about validating it? Is it still used much? Why or why not? Where did you get your information (cite/link sources)? Try to imbed your picture into the post.

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