What is your personality?

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In class and textbook readings on behavior and personality we have learned that the definition of personality is "people's typical ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving." This definition, taken from the textbook, indicates that a person defines his or her own personality depending on his or her internal thoughts and feelings. I was researching more on the meaning of personality and came across the definition on dictionary.com that explains personality to be "the visible aspect of one's character as it impresses others." This definition is different from the textbook definition because it relies on the opinions and beliefs of others as opposed to the person of interest themselves. So which definition is correct? It is a matter of the critical thinking principle of Falsifiability. The true definition of personality is extremely hard to decipher because it can't necessarily be proven wrong. A person may have a certain thought about what kind of personality they have, but a family member may have a different perception of the person. A friend would also have a different perception of what the personality of that person is. Additionally, people are not always 100% one personality all the time. Certain factors could affect one's personality or a person could have a mixed personality. The main point to take away from this post is to consider the factors that contribute to one's personality and know that other people may have a different perception of what that person's personality is, and know that no one is right because it is very difficult to be certain.

You can find the definition and more at Dictionary.

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Do you think people really define how they think and feel? Does the text's definition really assume self-assessment? What factors affect personality? Is personality worth measuring? How is it measured objectively by psychologists?

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