Behavioral Psychology

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The most influential topic for me that we have covered in Psych 1001 has been Biological Psychology. Biological Psychology can be defined as "a neurophysiological perspective on human consciousness" (Peterson). During this unit, we talked a lot about the brain and its functions, such as the left hemisphere of the brain being responsible for the right side of the body, and vice versa. We also covered learning and the brain's ability to adapt, such as Pavlov's classical conditioning compared to Thorndike's instrumental conditioning. Along with learning, we also discussed the different types of punishment and reinforcement, which are both key to absorbing new information.

I personally enjoyed this unit because it seemed very relevant to everyday life. All of the concepts discussed in both lecture and the textbook can easily be applied to my own life, as well as any common situation. I was really intrigued to learn about how the brain works and why people think the way they do, and I thought this was covered very well in lecture. I thoroughly enjoyed lectures for this unit, as I found them very intriguing and easy to follow. Also, there were many visuals and videos presented during lecture, which made for a better understanding of the different topics, as well as provided me with a strong visual of each. For example, when I think of the Split-Brain Phenomenon from now on, I will always think of the videos of the subjects who could not explain their actions or thoughts, such as the man who drew the orange because he saw the word orange, yet could not make the connection between the action and the word.

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You would probably also enjoy the class Biopsychology then!

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