Bystander Effect

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In the next five to ten years, I will remember the bystander effect. I never realize that I was too, a bystander. The bystander effect is when there is somebody not feeling so well and you do nothing about it, because maybe you thought that somebody else around is going to do something about it. So, basically you ignored that ill person and waited to see if anyone is going to do anything about it. There were a situation where I became a bystander for an ill stranger in the park. As I was walking, I saw a sick man having a seizure or some sort of illness and I thought he was just fooling around, so I stood about 30 feet away from that man observing him. I was sort of laughing at him, but I feel bad afterwards. After about 8 to 10 minutes observing him, there was suddenly a man who came and ask if that sick man was okay. He didn't look well, so the guy who came to help called for ambulance and that was when I went and approach those two men.
I regretted so much, because I thought the sick man was just fooling around and if he was not than there will be someone around to help him. It did took a while before someone helped him. I WILL remember the bystander effect forever because where ever I go, if I see somebody not feeling so well out in the streets or anywhere I will step up and see if that person is okay.

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