Children Are White Papers

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I am interested in majoring in Early Child Education and becoming a child educator. I have been always in love with babies and kids because they are so innocent and adorable. They are like white papers, so I can draw anything on them. They are also like sponges, so they absorb incredible amount of what they learn every day. Because adults are in charge of children's education and development when they are young, they possess various colors of crayons to fill the children's white papers.

Since I can exert such a huge influence on kids as an educator in the future, it is important for me to understand that they don't know what I already know. According to Piaget's four stages of cognitive development, the preoperational stage of two to seven-year-olds is governed by egocentrism. It is not that they are selfish, but they simply lack ability in thinking in others' shoes. Young kids also sometimes don't understand that an object is still there even when it disappears, which is called object permanence. Seven-year-olds or under in average either don't know of conservation or are confused of it. As an example, those younger children don't know that the volume is conserved when the same amount of liquid is put in a different container. Even more, three-year-olds or under normally don't pass the False Belief Test, which means that they don't know that others might have different representation of fact than they do.

Learning these concepts and the characteristics of children helped me a lot to understand them. I know they are learning new things and that sometimes they just don't get it right away. However, I had thought that children sometimes act too selfishly and unthoughtfully. It is true that they do, but now I fully understand that they should behave so if they are "normal" kids and so that we should correct them. I will keep in mind what I have learned about child development and always try to remind them.

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Keep that textbook around to help remind you of these in the future! Good luck!

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