Classical Conditioning

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When I was asked the question about what I'm going to remember about psychology, the answer was easy, like it should be. The concept that I'm going to remember is Pavlov's experiment with classical conditioning. One reason to why I picked this was because it was something I had already heard about coming into psych, and I can tell just by talking with family member's that Pavlov too is what they remember. Another main reason why I'll remember this is because all of the examples that I could use to help myself understand the concept better. I'll always remember the bell, the dog, and the meat powder, but being able to relate my own examples to make any scenario is what helped this concept stick to my brain. Thinking back to the discussion section about how we had to make our own advertisement by using the unconditional response, unconditional stimulus conditional stimulus and conditional response, that helped me distinguish between the for different responses.

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You can even classically condition things like sneezes! :)

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