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I think that the psychology concept that I am most likely to remember in five years is just the basic concept of being skeptical and thinking scientifically. Such concepts as hindsight bias and confirmation bias are two that specifically stand out to me. Since learning these ideas, I have already noticed myself and others unintentionally seeing only what we want to see and ignoring other information. I think that just being aware of this phenomenon can help to prevent it. If I can keep this concept in mind, I feel that I will be a better scientist and make fewer mistakes. Hindsight bias is a concept that I immediately felt the importance of. I think that I will remember this concept because of its great practicality. Every day we all hear of people who "knew that was going to happen" and "could've told you that was coming". After learning of this concept my reply is simple: "Hindsight is 20/20>". The general skepticism I learned such as falsifiability, reliability, and Occam's razor will also be remembered.
These concepts are simple, yet crucial to any logical approach. Many scientific theories hinge on these concepts. The healthy skepticism that these concepts bring can make or break a theory.

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Pay attention to these with the political elections! They are all over the place! :)

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