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The concept of psychology 1001 that I will remember most and that will be part of my life in the future is classical conditioning. Our class spent an abundant amount of time learning about this topic and definitely mastering the details of classical conditioning. According to, the idea of Classical conditioning was engineered by Ivan Pavlov and it is one of the most influential and well-known learning theories. It involves associations between a naturally occurring stimulus and an environmental stimulus. When a certain stimulus causes a natural response, and you pair that natural stimulus with a previously neutral stimulus, the previously neutral stimulus alone can begin to produce that response. There are four components to classical conditioning. The unconditioned stimulus is the stimulus that automatically produces a response and the conditioned stimulus is the stimulus that eventually produces the response after being paired with the unconditioned stimulus enough. The unconditioned response is the response that occurs automatically from the unconditioned stimulus and the conditioned response is the response from the conditioned stimulus that is learned. One thing that does block this process somewhat is a concept called extinction. Extinction is when the conditioned stimulus is presented without the unconditioned stimulus many times and the response eventually stops occurring. In the future, I will use classical conditioning to train my pets to respond to other things other than the unconditioned stimulus. For example, I will use this type of learning method to teach my pets to come for dinner with a certain sound. According to, Pavlov did a similar study when he used dogs to show classical conditioning. He would bring the dogs food and when he did they would salivate. Pavlov began to pair the food with a bell sound and the dogs started to salivate from the bell sound alone. The food was the unconditioned stimulus and the salvation was the unconditioned response. The bell noise was the conditioned stimulus and the response of salivation to that stimulus was the conditioned response. This concept is definitely one that will always stay with me after I have completed the psychology 1001 course.classical conditioning.jpg

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You should look up clicker training. It combines classical and operant conditioning. You can train your dog to do anything using it. :)

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