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Psychology 1001 gave names and background to many of the concepts that I have been interested in for a long time now. I tried to learn more about the subject in high school but was limited by the small curriculum of my school. Although, I've learned that there are far more branches in psychology than I could have named before the beginning of the semester. I've learned about concepts that will stay with me much longer than five years.

Some of what I'm sure I'll remember for many years to come includes almost all of what I learned this semester. I have started to think about what I've learned in my daily life, by attributing some behaviors of people and even myself to certain concepts I've learned about in psychology lecture. I've even decided that maybe what I want to spend my time on here at the university is learning more about psychology. I've wanted to go on to medical school for a very long time now but I'm considering declaring Psychology as my major, so that I can enjoy what I learn about while preparing myself for Medical school.

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Good luck in med school!

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