What Is Love?

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This semester, Psychology 1001 has been quite demanding of my time. Out of all the time I have devoted to this course, I am happy to say that there are multiple things I will remember. However, five years from now, my reminiscence of psychology terms may not occur as often. There is one concept that I am not worried about ever slipping my mind; the concept of LOVE.
Love is part of human nature, a natural need. It is something we all desire, whether it is to be loved, or to love upon. Sadly, in our day in age, love has become a skewed concept for some. Love is no longer a desire to be with one, and only one person for the rest of your life - but instead has turned into a physical attraction between two people resulting in a detached emotional outcome.
According to Psychology, to be involved in a successful romantic partnership your love must consist of three things: Intimacy, Commitment, and Passion. A relationship that is lacking even one of these areas, is laking true love. True love is more than just a feeling, it is committing your whole heart to another person. In order to make a relationship succeed, you need to master the art of reciprocity. This means that each partner contributes an equal amount to the relationship.
The topic of love seemed to be overused and under explained. To anyone that has ever told me that I cannot know love until I experience it, now I can. I may not posses the feelings I intend to have when I find my soulmate, but I now know the basic rules and guidelines to a successful, happy and love-filled life.

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:) There was a funny quote I read... "I like hugs, I like kisses, but I love when you do the dishes." It's how I remember the importance of reciprocity.

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