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Attribution analysis

The Star Tribune article about a 12-year-old girl critically wounded by a gun shot late Friday attributed its information well, but was not terribly specific.
Most of the details about the incident were said by police or other city officials. No names were given. Because the victim was so young, her name was not given and her family declined to talk about the incident.
The article goes on to discuss violence involving young teens on the North Side and if this is a growing trend. This part of the article is much more developed and contains more quotes and facts about recent crimes. Don Samuels, a City Council member who represents certain North Side neighborhoods, was quoted in the article saying that he believes the age of persons involved in crimes is younger compared to four or five years ago. Samuels is quoted more throughout the story and is easily understood.
Other quotes in the story come from Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan. His quotes seem to contradict at times. He is first saying crime rates among youth are going down, but later said that at least four boys have been shot in the last several weeks, all were not life threatening. Dolan said this is an ongoing issue.
Facts from records, although it does not specify what records, also appear in the story. Numbers and percentages of different types of crimes and youth involvement are given, coming to the conclusion that overall youth crime activity and gang related incidents are declining compared to last year.
The article ends with a woman who lives near the neighborhood where Friday's shooting took place. Natalie Johnson Lee, a former City Council member, saw many kids walking in the area that night as she drove home from church. She thought is was strange because of the time, but none of the children seemed to be causing any problems. Lee heard loud noises about a half hour later, but wasn't sure what they were of if the kids were still in the area. Her quotes add more detail to the story.
Overall the reporter set up quotes and attribution well. A specification on records that were used to find information could have been added, as well as more information about the incident itself, if it was available.